Simple – Methodical Inventive Thinking by Gideon Gilda

Amazon Best Seller

The book: “Simple – Methodical Inventive Thinking”

A Guide for Creative Professionals

Digital online edition

By Gideon Gilda

Revealing The Secrets About Innovation and Inventions

Amazon Best Seller

Simple was Amazon best seller for 11 months

Can we all invent?

How can we find the next big thing?

Simple breaks the myth of Genius and madness underlying the ability to invent.

Methodical Inventive Thinking combined with

modern brain science and the motion principle allows

everybody to be creative and invent.

Simple is an ideal book for every thinking and curious person.

An inspiration for every business and technological professional 

This a a creative growth jouney for those who are interested

in creative thinking, entrepreneurs and new product service and business model development people

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What do people say about the book?

Gidi Gilda, who helped us make innovation our key strategic anchor at Bagir, has fluently and succinctly put into writing both the concepts and the method he applies. I am sure that this book will become a key tool for any CEO, manager or team member interested in understanding and implementing methodical inventive thinking within their organization.

Ofer Gilboa, CEO – Bagir Group – Global Innovative Tailoring

An excellent book! What makes it so great is its ability to convey complex messages so simply – at a conversational level, offering both theory and examples

Ideas put forward in this book made their way to successful products and Intellectual Property within our company.

KLA Tencor. A S&P 500 semiconductor high tech company.

Riveting! A real eye-opener. It gives a different perspective and a new problem-solving tool.

Noa Karniel Goldman, Software development Department manager, Intel

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简单-条理创新思维   Simple – Pensamiento Inventivo Metódico Un guía para profesionales creativos
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