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Methodical Inventive Thinking

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Gideon (Gidi) Gilda

Expert in developing new product lines, new technologies, new business models.

Senior Public Speaker at conferences and forums about innovation trends and creative thinking.

Management services of business development

and technological innovation in organizations.

Holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the Technion (Israel),

and an MBA from the University of Haifa.

Investor and partner in companies.

Founder and CEO of Panta Rhei Knowledge Systems Ltd.

Has profound background and experience in many industries.

In particular traditional industries that use high-end technologies as a business lever.

Previously, he Partnered with Hagalil Development (750 M NIS revenue)

in the subsidiary Anagal Computing and Information Technology.

Gidi lead a business turn-around in Anagal as an active chairman.

Previously, a development team leader at Intel Design center in Haifa.

Author of Amazon’s bestseller book:

Simple – Methodical Inventive Thinking“,

published by Panta Rhei.

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New Product & Service Development

New Business Models


Brainstorming for Professionals

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Amazon Best Seller

Simple was Amazon best seller for 11 months

Can we all invent?

How can we find the next big thing?

Simple breaks the myth of Genius and madness underlying the ability to invent.

Methodical Inventive Thinking combined with

modern brain science and the motion principle allows

everybody to be creative and invent.

Simple is an ideal book for every thinking and curious person.

An inspiration for every business and technological professional

This a a creative growth jouney for those who are interested

in creative thinking, entrepreneurs and new product service and business model development people

Creativity & Inspiration Blog

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简单-条理创新思维 Simple – Pensamiento Inventivo Metódico Un guía para profesionales creativos
심플- 창의적 사고 シンプル 一貫したロジカル発明思考法 創造的なプロフェッショナルのためのガイドブック アマゾンのベストセラー
South Korea flag simple - Methodical Inventive thinking Japanese

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Get Methodical Inventive Thinking Free course 3 insightful stories

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