The Wind

Funny ? Scary?

is this Some kind of pervert? or is it funny? A big man walks past a fruit and vegetable stand and just lifts up her skirt. Why did I keep watching? Because she doesn’t make a fuss about it. Neither does the shopkeeper. She ignores him, straightens her skirt and just carries on with her shopping. Huge and scary looking, he speaks with an accent, wears a silly little black bowler hat and talks to us from his office, saying that at first he was misunderstood.

So if you got this far – take 2 minutes and watch this clip who won the Cannes festival golden lion award.



The mystery of what we take for granted

A confession:


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How can we learn any material fast and thorough?

The Active Learning Principle; “Talk the Material” and my Channel 2 TV clip


In my last channel 2 show we talked about a few ideas that are in contrast with conventional thinking. The most interesting of which is the ability to learn any material – in business, at university, in school – fast and in depth. This is the first of a series of posts about fast and significant learning. Please ask, comment on this post below or on my facebook page. The root of learning lies in the ability to structure knowledge, to organize and connect it with other things. This way we can remember quickly and without effort. My kids wonder how I remember material from high school. Well, the secret is not to “remember” to structure it right, after it is talked about and properly connected.


Quick and significant learning is my most powerful tool in


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Green Bio Energy

Bio Energy source you never imagined!


You’ve washed the dishes, took a shower, Have you any idea how much energy it takes to treat these waters? It turns out that 2-5% of global energy goes on water treatment. Could there be a way to let the wastewaters produce the energy for its own treatment? What kind of energy can be found in the sewers? Is there a way to produce available power out of it? Watch this clip from PENN University that describes the technology:



Renewable Energy from Microbes


Words reflect emotional attitude – (more…)

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Looking in the eye – Moving!

They sit by the piano,

Improvising Jazz, looking at each other, the music flows – interweaves harmoniously into the final accord. The thing is that one of them is a robot, such that looks at you straight in the eye, gets you right, and knows how to create and interact with you. A TED talk by Guy hoffman. now you have to watch it!!



What is human? (more…)

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