Investing in companies and creating business turnaround,

contacts with financiers


Panta Rhei invests in companies to promote business turnaround. This kind of turnaround requires a company to have a visionary management and decision-making approach as well as a consistent long-term direction. We have accumulated a great deal of experience in managing and accompanying business breakthroughs based on innovation processes. Our greatest successes have been with our hands-on management facilitated by acquiring a controlling interest in the company. As this requires a substantial financial investment, we identify companies suitable for us to invest in and invite partner financiers to join us. For this purpose we set up a dedicated company under our management to handle the investment.


Areas of special interest

  • Computing and Information Technology.
  • Green energy, and water meausring and handling.
  • Electronic toys, or technology based. We have direct business contacts with most of leading toy retail chains in US & Europe.


A turnaround takes about 2 to 3 years. The process of building the organization lasts about a year. Establishing market positioning and standing takes about one more year. Usually some extra time is needed for all the unforeseen events along the way.

We aim to empower everything that is good about the organization, especially the good people. There is the option of selling for an exit or staying for the cash flow. The decision is usually taken at the investment entrance, and depends on the wish of most of the investors, the situation of the organization and the branch it works in. In certain cases, it might also be possible to bring the company to an IPO, but there is no guarantee of this at the outset.


Financiers and investors

We will be more than happy to meet and discuss possible collaboration with any financiers or investors interested in joining us in making an investment of anywhere from $150,000 and up in a commercial company to help achieve a turnaround.

For senior managers, marketing experts, business developers or other very well-connected senior figures in areas of interest to us there may be an option to become a business partner with us starting from $75,000.

Target companies

Panta Rhei seeks to invest in commercial companies whose existing goods and services have an annual turnover of anywhere between 3 to 15 million dollars. Acquiring a controlling interest in the company has been found to be the best way to create a business turnaround.

We are also happy to meet with directors of holding companies interested in becoming a significant partner in creating a turnaround in one of the businesses in their group.

A third option is to join up with a company wishing to add complementary activities or significantly expand and make an investment only for these purposes.

Note that we do not invest in start-ups or ideas that as yet have no income or cash flow. Our investment model involves a lower level of risk. The business turnaround is based on our knowledge in bringing commercial, marketing and technology innovation with which start-ups are well endowed.


Commission for helping locate companies to invest in

If you know of companies that meet our criteria, including our areas of interest and can mediate our entry and investment, you will receive a commission when the investment contract is signed.