Motivation is Garbage

The 5 second rule for your mind to act on what you know.

We all know what to do.. but what stops us for doing it?

Watch Mel Robbin – the failure part..

Now for the truely amazing, yet simple 5 seconds rule – counting backwards.

The the reasoning behind it, and just do it..


Simple was Amazon best seller for 11 months

Can we all invent?

How can we find the next big thing?

Simple breaks the myth of Genius and madness underlying the ability to invent.

Methodical Inventive Thinking combined with

modern brain science and the motion principle allows

everybody to be creative and invent.

Simple is an ideal book for every thinking and curious person.

An inspiration for every business and technological professional 

This a a creative growth jouney for those who are interested

in creative thinking, entrepreneurs and new product service and business model development people

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