A fascinating lecture on creative thinking and innovation trends


Innovation appears in drops.

A product we saw at the mall,

An article we ran into on social networks,

A technology that a friend has talked about.

But it’s hard for us to see where is it all this going,

What are the implications for us?

What’s the meaning for our lives?

How will it eventually affect our belief systems and habits?


A lecture on innovation trends and creative thinking helps us

structure what we see into new concepts.

It allows us to “connect the dots” of

What is going on and gain some orientation.


The lecture is designed for a wide and diverse audience.

Suitable for conferences for corporate events and professional forums.

The lecture reviews the trends of innovation that are leading today in the world relevant to us.

The lecture features video clips of products, services and technologies that have won prizes in the last year.

The lecture is constantly renewed with updated content.

This activity is designed to excite and surprise.

The workshop can be delivered face to face or over the web. 


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How can we find the next big thing?

Simple breaks the myth of Genius and madness underlying the ability to invent.

Methodical Inventive Thinking combined with

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