Methodical Inventive Thinking Course

Methodical Inventive Thinking Course


Build your own innovation engine with us

Technology and Intellectual Property Development

A Method with thinking tools and intriguing examples is presented in the workshop

Data, AI and Tech trends – how will they change our life?

What new experiences will we look for?

Innovation Management services

 The workshop can be delivered as a webinar – over the web, as well as frontal.

Neuroscience claims that all of s can improve our creativity – look at the Neuroplasticity video below:

In an Inventive Thinking Workshop, 

intimacy develops

Groups of 6 to 20 people
Everyone opens according to their level of comfort and freedom

The first challenge is to notice which door and window you open and when.

After you’ve been totally interested,

The challenge is to let you discern
That the real change depends on you.

After all, I can only show you the door.
You’re the one that has to walk through it

In the workshop we’ll see some awesome videos

Mind blowing neuroscience experiments are presented

Why Methodical Inventive Thinking Workshop?
 If you agree with even a small part of the following sentences:

  • Develop the next generation, and want to surprise the market, shorten the time and reduce unnecessary risks.

  • We want to be the professional authority in matters of product innovation and development in your organization.

  • You have a problem, a marketing or technological challenge – you have already done a lot of brainstorming and are constantly returning to the same ideas. You’re looking for something else, new! Effective, something that works.

  • Your company’s last development failed. You did not stand up to the plans. Technology has aged. You are preparing for the next product and you want someone professional in the field of innovation that will accompany you step by step to success.

  • There is an innovation group in the organization – everything is organized, but you know that there is really no method behind the work, and perhaps it’s just right to hear someone from outside that will enrich your way of working.

  • Entrepreneurs or small business and ask yourself how to make money from good ideas, or how to find the next great idea that will bring a blessing to the business?

  • Want to create a culture of innovation in the organization. Something consistent that can be relied on to bring out innovations once every generation of products (or for any season).

  • Love puzzles and thinking challenges.

  • You have already heard several creative thinking workshops that were a disappointment. When they came to be able to work on something real, invent product lines, technology, or solve real problems, you discovered that everything they told you at the workshop simply did not work.

  • Ask yourself how to find an innovation course that gives you a way, not just “get out of the box” or tools you already know.

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Get Methodical Inventive Thinking Free course 3 insightful stories

Agenda for a two-day course:

  • The principle of motion and “temporary permanence” – a fresh approach to brainstorming

  • Point of View – defining a different purpose, defining a problem and solving from different points of view.

  • Attention – Focus and motion

  • Identifying what we do not know and are our mind fixations

  • Network experts – add external knowledge.

  • Defining a challenge

  • Sharpening distinction – to sharpen our mind and distinctions

  • Managing innovation processes in the organization

  • Thinking tools: Dimentin  adding, Inversion, division, unification, multiplication, “black box”, analogy

  • Develop Mind flexibility

  • Dealing with resistance in the organization, and promoting ideas.

Target Audience

Hi-Tech, Biomed, Pharmaceutical,

Knowledge-intensive service organizations,

Financial, medical and service organizations

Traditional industry organizations

Who base or want to base their competitive advantage on innovative technology

or an innovative business model.

Organizations interested in improving environmental awareness

To reduce damage to the environment and to preserve sustainability and the environment:

Air, water
Renewable energy products

Pioneering organizations in education, effective and rapid learning, in academia

Fashion and retail companies

Businesses that want to differentiate themselves and create competitive advantage

Contact us:

Text us: +972 50 2691088

Get Methodical Inventive Thinking Free course 3 insightful stories

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