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Our headquarters are situated in Zichron Yaakov. Flanked as it is by the Mediterranean coast to the west and the majestic hills of the Lower Galilee to the north and east, the town offers constant inspiration with the natural beauty of its surroundings alongside the historic architecture and elegant coffee shops.

Our mission is to help people grow, make breakthroughs within their organizations. It is much more than just an economic proposition.

Our strength lies in a work method that constantly generates innovation and creativity, in the investors who believe in us and choose to join our ventures, and in our business partners who are experts in their field.

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Gideon Gilda

Gideon Gilda is an expert in developing new product lines, new technologies, and creative business models. Focus on IoT – Internet of Things projects. Senior public speaker in forums and conventions about creative thinking & innovation. Business and technology innovation management. Investor and partner in companies .The founder and CEO of Panta Rhei Knowledge Systems Ltd. Holds a B.Sc in Electrical Engineering from the Technion and an MBA from the University of Haifa.

See leading clients and projects.

Previously a partner with the Galil Development ltd in the subsidiary Anagal computing and information technology. Creating business transformation as an active Chairman at Anagal. Previously, a development group manager at Intel.

Author of the Amazon Best Seller book: “Simple – Methodical Inventive Thinking, A Guide for Creative Professional”, published by Panta Rhei and Contento De Semrick.


Riki Ghindes

Expert in design and innovation, former Corporate VP for Design and the development of products and innovation at Delta Galil.

She has headed creative processes in design, development and innovation. She is prominent in sales and marketing to large companies and international retail chains such as Marks & Spencer, Target, Walmart, Calvin Klein, Hema, and Hugo Boss. She is a consultant to the Japanese MUJI Corporation, a leader in lingerie. She has in-depth knowledge of the Japanese, European and American markets.

Riki lectures at the Shenkar College of Design in the Faculties of Marketing and Design. She is a qualified coach, a graduate of CTI Landmark, Coach Me.

She is a guest judge on the Israeli TV version of “Project Runway”.

 ירון דן לאתר

Yaron Dan

Yaron in the inventor of Newlife IT software – an Information Technology company that give simple cloud computing and virtualization services, based on an innovative technology.


He is an expert in IT central system. A leader in the field of network control and management from Microsoft. Has 15 years of experience managing large scale international IT projects. formerly, IT manager at alcatel and Haifa port authority.


Certified network engineer from Microsoft. BA at statistics, computer sceince and political sceince from the University of Haifa.


Yossi Mor 

Yossi is an organizational consultant who invests in companies and projects. With a BA and MA in organizational psychology from the University of Haifa as well as a BA in social work. Yossi has clinics for therapy and life coaching in Zichron Yaakov, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.


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