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Arad ltd, Master Meter for US market – Worldwide water metering systems,

Arad ltd develops manufactures and markets water metering systems worldwide. The innovation project was a lever for the creation of a business turnaround through the untrasonic water meter Ocatve.

The Octave impacts sales, and new market segment penetration, and plays a major role in the current company’s market communication.
The Octave allows ultra low flow measurements, hence can indicate leaks that were invisible and unmeasurable before. The meter is mechanically robust and accurate over time.
That is the first time Arad actualy leads the market based on innovative technology.
The meter allows immediate water information processing. It allows service offers such as water leak and water pollution alerts.
A clear and different branding for the Octave product line differentiates Arad in the market.
The innovation project yielded Intellectual Property through innovative technology accompanied by branding.


Anagal – Information technology & computing

Anagal is an IT (Information Technology) company. It supplies computing services such as: network and infrastructure management, virtual servers, software development, and information system assimilation. Panta Rhei enterd Anagal as a partner, and brought the company to excellent results and a strategic change. A real business turnaround.

The turnaround was lead by Gideon Gilda as an active chairman, and Yossi Mor as a director of the board. The introduction with the company was through Ministry of Industry Nitsotz (=Spark) program which developed into a business opportunity for both sides.

During the turnaround process a new management team was selected. Business strategy was shaped; innovative marketing and operational methodologies were defined. New branding was introduced. The organizational cultural was changed. The company inspires today organizations that would like to keep workplaces of quality at the northern part of Israel.

The business turnaround outcomes:

  • Dramatic sales increase.

  • Ebidta was tripled and high net profit in relation to the category.

  • During our 3 year tenure Anagal consecutively broke its own sales and profit records of over 30 years of existence!!

  • Increase in large customer base, and service agreement reclamation.

  • Open new activity domains, innovative technology, and new partnerships.

  • New branding. The current company logo is part of it. Stronger marketing positioning, effective public relations and market communication.

  • The slogan: “Anagal – not a word about technology” was invented to clarify that we deal with the business added value, and technology is only a means for that. Anagal became mature business-wise and transformed from her positioning from a commodity service company to a perceived added value company.

  • Anagal has gained back the trust of customers who left her, and regarded her as irrelevant and old-fashioned.

  • Increase in employee and management satisfaction and pride internally and among customers.


Delta Galil – Global fashion and apparel provider

Delta Galil is a global manufacturer and marketer of apparel provider. Delta Galil clientele includes retail giants such as Marks & Spencer, Target, Wal-Mart, Kmart and JC Penny; and leading fashion brands such as Calvin Klein, Nike, Hugo Boss and Pierre Cardin.

Over the years we conducted a few technological and international marketing innovation projects with Delta. Delta has increased its sales and profits and penetrated new markets through the outcome of these innovation processes. The products we developed are on shelves of leading retail chains in the US, Europe and Israel.

The Innovation projects yielded intellectual property; patents, designs and primarily branding and technology.

We constituted Delta Galil Labs with technologists and marketing staff. This is an innovation and development lab that delivers novel technology and products as a way of life, not as a one time event. Up until the innovation project Delta did not brand its products internationally.

A business breakthrough was presented by launching RealCoolCotton™ – Cotton natural processing technology that endures cool and dry feeling throughout the day.



Methodical Inventive Thinking in technological and business problem solving.

One of interesting activities at Intel was a Train the Trainer session on Methodical Inventive Thinking. A detailed and Intel oriented material was prepared and successfully transferred. This has been the primary drive to issue my first book – Simple – Methodical Inventive Thinking with the complete method and a set of examples. According to the course material.


KLA-Tencor – Semiconductors (Hi tech) industry



From a Methodical Inventive Workshop to a surprising technological patent

A learning contest and internalization of the innovation workshop

KLA-Tencor is a hi-tech company that develops, manufactures and markets wafer defect and surface quality inspection products for the semiconductor industry.

Of all the activity at KLA-Tencor, the most interesting was the work with the senior development team for its next generation of products.

The company’s R&D group includes world-renowned researchers who hold PhDs in physics, solid state and semiconductor physics, materials and mechanical engineering.

In the beginning, the experts were extremely skeptical: what else could we possibly have to teach them? After all – they really had seen everything and thought of everything….

The team leader, Dr. Michael Adel, challenged the team by saying: “We are all testing Gideon Gilda and Methodical Inventive Thinking. That’s obvious. But we are also being tested on our ability to learn from something new, to internalize and apply it.

The study of a method of thinking during a workshop requires desire and serious intention on the part of the learners to use what is said and come up with creative ideas on their own.

We see the workshop just like anything else in life. Most people deal with the question of “Why can’t this work for me?” “Why is this not suited to our kind of business?”

A minority, however, sees the workshop as an opportunity. Since competition was created within the team at KLA-Tencor as to who would best understand and adopt the method, the level of internalization was excellent.

After a day of workshop and practice, we set about trying to solve a real problem – something that the experts had actually been working on for some time but without reaching a satisfactory solution.

After formulating the challenge and using the various thinking tools, 2 or 3 surprising ideas were put forward….. a strange kind of silence ensued…. In the end, another amazingly creative idea popped up – offering a solution to the problem.

Some of the researchers said they thought it was just luck and we decided to look at an additional challenge of equal difficulty. Here too, after a precise definition of the challenge, the analysis of the world of the problem and the application of thinking tools led to a new solution.

The solution to the second problem was highly innovative and went on to become a registered patent!! Both ideas were developed into new products for the company.

The choice to learn and face the challenge with no excuses is what made the difference. The participants really sought out solutions, and as the saying goes: “Seek and ye shall find!” 


Elbit systems, Elisra, El-Op Opto-electronics Soltam – defence industry and avionics

Innovation project and Methodical Inventive Thinking workshops.

We conducted a large scale innovation project at Elbit systems group.

For 15 years we train and coach Methodical Inventive Thinking at Elbit systems and its daughter companies with great success.

Details are kept confidential.

Simple was Amazon best seller for 11 months

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Simple breaks the myth of Genius and madness underlying the ability to invent.

Methodical Inventive Thinking combined with

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Simple is an ideal book for every thinking and curious person.

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