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The workshops can be delivered as webinars – over the web, as well as frontal. 


We have a special Train The Trainer program to empower innovation managers in organizations. Please contact: 


Methodical Inventive Thinking

Reach breakthrough ideas through a method with practical tools

PR Inovative Thought


IP Product & Service Development

Ideas for new product lines, categories and business models that will surprise the market

PR InventingProducts



New attitude for brainstorming based on cognitive and mind research

PR Mikud


Creative Thinking course

 Seminars, Tools & methodology for non tech people, Entertainment activities, 

PR InovationAsLife




 Our clients say:


It was a great workshop. People participated and got the method.” Eli Garbi, Pelephone (leading Israeli telecommunication company) people development and training manager.


Thank you for enlightening me and open my eyes by exposing the Inventive Thinking principles. The real life problem solving, and the experience to come up with successful solutions for my course colleagues was extra ordinary. I assume the method – once assimilated, will ‘revive of the invention spring’“. Patent Lawyer, Doron Scheradsky.


Gidi, thank you for one more successful workshop. We pass feedback forms after each workshop, and your feedback scores are always high.” Efrat Ben-Ner. Elbit Systems.


I was surprised. We solved a real life problem. I believe we can write a patent on it.” Mike Adel. KLA-Tencor next product generation manager.



Clips we show in our workshops:


What are you sinking about?


whatareyou sinkingabout

Kiwi. Give it a go.

Do you know who I am?


Blue Man group


Creativity & Motivation



A description and examples of the inventive thinking development method can be found in our book summary: Simple – Methodical Inventive Thinking.


Inventive Thinking and Creativity Workshops are our core business, and our workshops convey the essence of our knowledge and practices. Our dynamic and riveting delivery of the material is based on both experience and scientific research. Our success in problem solving, in ideation that yielded product lines, technologies, brands, and business models is unique.


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