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Here are unique three creative thinking articles with a story and some insight:

What makes us give money happily?

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Creative Thinking – the freedom to make mistakes

Creativity – Dead or alive? It’s up to you!

Here’s a special article about creative thinking and the use of emotions in making us give our money and feel good about it  😀

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Evoke Emotions – What makes us give money happily?



What makes us give money happily to a beggar on the street?

Why should we give a lot to one person and nothing to someone else? Let’s take this a step further and say that it is exactly the same person, in the same clothing, in the same place at the same time….. Click to watch the YouTube clip


Clip title: Innovation – the Power of Words.

Video creator:


Methodical Inventive Thinking

Methodical Inventive Thinking is based on the assumption that it is possible to analyze creative ideas, inventions and new products. We can then identify the key innovative pattern of the creative idea. An exact formulation of this innovation pattern can then constitute a thinking tool and be applied to similar situations and challenges. So what is it that we find so moving about this clip? Probably the main idea is that it touches each and every one of us…the idea of being able to make a difference. For a moment we are emotionally connected to the situation. The beggar is the same beggar, the setting and the story are the same, except for that one sentence – hence the power of words.


What underlies the replacement of “I am blind – please help me” with “It’s a beautiful day, and I can’t see it”?

“I am blind – please help me” comes from a somewhere low, a place where I am not connected to you, I am a burden, a victim. Inside my head there are only negative thoughts and beliefs. I do not give anything – only ask, only take.


“It’s a beautiful day, and I can’t see it” (but you can)… comes from a fresh approach to making contact. I can appreciate that it is a beautiful day, I can connect to the good things in life, but here’s the difference between us – I can’t see it. In other words – you are the lucky ones, you can enjoy this beautiful day to the fullest – you can enjoy the simple things in life.


Emotional pattern – adding a dimension

Everything is directed at emotion, and the way to arouse emotion is to look at the little details that make our day without our even being aware of them. We become aware of something very basic and taken for granted only when it is not there.

The emotional pattern we call adding a dimension (the emotion) is to touch people, to activate their emotion. And the way to activate emotion is to be aware of the little daily miracles of life – mainly where such awareness is lacking.


This sudden contact between what we possess and what the blind man lacks enables us to give of ourselves, to invest much more – we cannot remain indifferent.


Adding a dimension may pertain to many dimensions such as time, place, personal choice as well as emotion, and while the pattern we have presented here generates emotion, it is not the only one. By adding a dimension there are many other ways we know to arouse emotion.

When we are moved it is always spontaneous and we cannot always see that it involves a pattern. But in fact, makers of movies, stories, music clips and commercials know all about such patterns and know how to make them work every time…..


When are we ready to give up our money easily?

When we feel we have been given something real in return, that we have understood something, that we have been moved and touched deep in our hearts. The emotion swells and our palm opens….


Gideon Gilda

CEO, Panta Rhei Knowledge Systems Ltd.

Expert in Organizational Innovation

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